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About Nuala

Nuala McNulty, the owner and manager of Tawnylust Lodge, has been involved in tourism and eco-tourism for many years. Her career began in 2005 when she worked with the Greenbox project as a mentor on the EU ecolabel for accommodation.

Nuala McNulty

Having completed the Certificate in Ecotourism from Sligo IT and the Greenbox training on Ecotourism Packages, she used all her knowledge on sustainable building in the construction of Tawnylust Lodge in her native Leitrim.

Nuala is passionate about sharing the natural beauty and fantastic attractions of her native Leitrim. She has a deep, intimate knowledge of all the local mountains, lakes, valleys, hills and trails.

If you love hill walking, she can guide you to all the best places, with bespoke maps and guided walks.

Our Eco-friendly Credentials

Tawnylust Lodge was awarded the EU Ecolabel in July 2008. This is a voluntary standard for tourism providers. It is a system with a vigorous auditing programme by NSAI, the National Standards Authority of Ireland. The standard covers:

  • Use of energy from renewable sources and minimising consumption
  • Reducing the amount of chemicals/detergents used in the premises
  • Reducing water usage and managing wastewater
  • Implementing a waste management system
  • Provision of information to guests on local heritage and culture

Tawnylust Lodge is one of the few premises in Ireland to have been awarded this standard.

EU Ecolabel

We proudly follow The International Ecotourism Society’s definition of eco-friendly tourism:

“Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.”

We recognize that everything we do has an effect upon the environment. We wish to minimize the adverse environmental impact of our activities and to continuously improve our environmental performance, ensuring the sustainability of our actions. For those reasons, the Lodge is built to the highest eco-standards, including:

  • Water is heated by solar panels
  • Very high levels of insulation
  • Wooden construction minimises the amount of concrete used in the build
  • Heat recovery system
  • Electricity is from a renewable source
  • Guests are provided with composting and recycling bins
  • Ecover cleaning products and microfibre cloths are used
  • All electrical appliances and bulbs are ‘A’ rated
  • Showers, toilets and taps are water saving design