About Us

Contact Nuala; 087 9172143, info@tawnylustlodge.com

An eco-friendly Leitrim self-catering apartment located in North West Ireland.

Tawnylust Lodge is a perfect retreat to just come and observe the natural world.
The tranquil location is ideal for writers, artists or anyone wishing to take time
out and enjoy nature in a peaceful haven. This is a real place of rest
where you can come and do nothing except enjoy your surroundings both
inside and outside. If you want to get out and about, we offer various packages
working with a local guide who operates to ecotourism principles and Nuala,
the proprietor is a fund of information on the area and can advise you on
where to go and what to do whatever your interests are.

Lough MacNean

  • Wild Atlantic Way Butterfly Tour
  • Experience the Wild Wooly West
  • Take part in activities on the family farm
  • Opportunity to meet the Locals
  • You are immersed in nature and scenery 
  • An absolute chill out experience
  • Experience Local Culture with a Local
  • Off the Tourist Trail
  • Nuala's Local knowledge                                                                                                                     

Nuala McNulty, the owner and manager of Tawnylust Lodge has been
involved in tourism and eco-tourism on an informal and more recently
formal basis for many years. Her involvement in eco-tourism started in
2005 when she worked with the Greenbox project as a mentor on the
EU ecolabel for accommodation, working with local B&Bs Nuala
successfully, took them through the requiements for the Ecolabel.
Having completed the Certificate in Ecotourism from Sligo IT
and the Greenbox training on Ecotourism Packages, together
with her technical knowledge on sustainable building, Nuala researched
and managed the building of Tawnylust Lodge in her native Leitrim.
The Lodge boasts passive solar heating, solar panels, energy efficient
appliances and many extra environmental measures. 

Nature & conservation are foremost at the thinking and operation
of Tawnylust Lodge. This is seen by the provisions for and welcome
given to wild guests at Tawnylust Lodge.  Like our human ones, some
appear at night and some during the day!

Mr. Pickwick

Ecotourism is:

"Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment
and improves the well-being of local people." (TIES, 1990)

Tawnylust Lodge has been listed by Catherine Mack in the book
Ecoescapes as one of the top 50 Eco destinations in Ireland.

"Nuala McNulty is so passionate about her home county of Leitrim, that
she added a guest annex onto her new state-of-the-art wooden house,
overlooking the Ballinabehy Ridge in the Leitrim hills. "That's why I built it.
I love to share Leitrim", she said in Ecoescape Ireland, which featured
Tawnylust in its top 50 Irish ecoescapes. Hospitality comes top of
the list for Nuala who leaves a welcome parcel for her guests,
full of local chutneys, jam, herbs, elderflower cordial and fair-trade
chocolate. Her second love is the environment, and the house was built
with this at the forefront of the design process. It has passive solar heating,
solar panels for hot water, low wattage under floor heating, recycled
paper insulation, an inbuilt heat recovery system, and electricity from a
renewable energy company. Nuala likes to keep things local too, with Leitrim
artists' work on the walls and information on local markets and cooperatives.
Walking is central to a stay at Tawnylust, and Nuala is the founder of a local
hill-walking club, Holey Soles. She also works closely with a local walking
guide, Tina Pommer and together they run Leitrim Landscapes walking
package holidays. Tina is an expert in Leitrim's archaeology, nature, wild
mushrooms as well as foraging. If you want to get to know eco-Leitrim, this
is one of its greenest spots, and you will be hosted by one of its best sources
of local knowledge. With this combination, you won't fail to fall in love with
Leitrim too." Written by: Catherine Mack

Tawnylust Lodge was awarded the EU Ecolabel in July 2008. This is a voluntary
standard for tourism providers. It is a system with a vigorous auditing programme 
by NSAI Ireland. It involves among other things:

  • Use & minimization of energy from renewable sources
  • Reducing the amount of chemicals/detergents used in the premises.
  • Reducing water usage and managing wastewater.
  • Implementing a waste management system
  • Provision of information to guests on local heritage and culture

Tawnylust Lodge is one of the few premises in Ireland to have been awarded this standard.

At Tawnylust Lodge we are very environmentally aware. We recognize that everything
we do has an effect upon the environment. We wish to minimize the adverse environmental
impact of our activities and to continuously improve our environmental performance,
ensuring the sustainability of our actions. The eco lodge is built to the highest eco-standards;
it is a passive house with solar passive heating and very high levels of insulation. Water is
heated by solar panels.

The unit is wooden so minimum amount of concrete is used, to
reduce environmental impact. A heat recovery system is in place to ensure guest comfort.
Electricity is from a renewable source. Guests are encouraged to separate waste for composting
and recycling. Ecover cleaning products and microfibre cloths are used in the premises.
All electrical appliances and bulbs at our Tawnylust Lodge are ‘A’ rated, sensor lights are
used outside. Showers, toilets and taps are water saving design, in addition, water is on a
pressurized system where water volume is low but pressure is high. Guests are provided
with bins in each room to ensure ease of segregation of waste for recycli