Calendar of Walks 2016

Calendar of Walks 2017

Fundraising walk & Ramble Sunday Oct 1st 10.30am Manorhamilton

Join us for our annual fundraising ramble and hill walk for Peru. This year it will happen on Sunday Oct 1st, meeting at Hamilton's Castle, Manorhamilton at 10.30am for both the ramble and hillwalk


Milltown Wood​

This will be in Milltown Wood Lurganboy. The forest will be sporting its Autumn colours which is always a treat. There is a path and the route follows the Bonet River for part. Duration 1.5 - 2 hours Dogs welcome


This walk 
​will be on Keelogyboy. ​
 at Gleneige, Glencar   The walk follows a beautiful path along the North side of Gleneige river for 1 km.   Walkers then climb 
nto limestone karst ground, past Scamore Lough to the summit of Keelogyboy.   Height 417 meters.  Here are outstanding views of Lough Gill to the North and Sligo Bay.  Walkers then return to the head of Gleneige river where they will have two options.  Option 1 to return to the start via the said path.  Option 2 to climb Hangman’s Hill (circa 340 meters).  Distance:  6km for Option 1.  
10km for Option 2. 
​Duration 4-5 hours​

Donations welcome on the day for Fr. Ed O'Connell's Warmi Huasi Project in Peru

Join us for the 22nd annual North Leitrim Glens Hillwalking Festival April 15th & 16th

We will be your guides for the Easter Sunday Ramble and what at treat you have in store!

walker on green road Leitrim
Taking the green route

Starting from the shores of Glencar Lake, we will follow a road/path towards Dooneens, go off road for a while through wild heather and return via . You will be treated to the most incredible views over Sligo Bay, Truskmore, Cloontypruglish, Leanne and the Leitrim Hills

View of sunset over Glencar Lake and valley
Sunset over Glencar Lake Leitrim/Sligo

setting sun shining through forest trees

Forest area on walk

view of rock Cloontypruglish Leitrim
hill walker on Leitrim sligo hills
Wild walking

We'll take about 20 mins where we will take you over wild bog and heather. Spotted a grouse last time we were here!



Art & Soul Festival Manorhamilton June 24-26th

Join us for a meditative walk in nature as part of the Art & Soul weekend on Sunday June 26th 2-3.30pm
Meet at Hamilton's Castle, Manorhamilton

Relax in nature and breathe in the healing air, hear some wonderful nature based poetry and readings.

Please wear walking shoes and bring a waterproof jacket
Cost €5


Celebrate National Biodiversity Week in Leitrim 2016

National Biodiversity Week is all about connecting people with nature. It’s about communicating the importance of biodiversity and motivating people to play their part in protecting it. It’s also about entertaining them; showing the fun and wonder that can be found in nature; and inspiring people to learn more, see more, do more.

With this in mind, we at Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks have teamed up with Good Energies Alliance Ireland to hold a special event to mark the week. On Wed May 19th we will have an urban wildlife walk from 7-9pm in Manorhamilton. This event is free of charge.


Join expert guides Rob Wheeldon and Tina Pommer to take a fascinating walk through the town identifying potential sites for greening, conserving or preserving. Rob & Tina will help participants to spot the signs of existing urban biodiversity and understand the importance of locations for particular species, flora and fauna.

Understanding this importance will enable everyone to see how nature is an integral part of our urban environment.

The participative style of this event will give everyone an opportunity to feel responsible for their immediate environment without having to own it.

The expertise of the guides in the areas of foraging, flora, fauna, archaeology and medicinal plants ensures a high quality experience. The delivery will be fun and quirky making it enjoyable for everyone.

Meet at Manorhamilton Castle at 7pm. Walk is suitable for children, at a slow pace, suitable for the not so fit and is multi accessible. For more info; 087 9172143

 Tasting Spring in Leitrim

discover nature
Wood Anemone

primrose in the forest
Prima Rosa

This event is a five course feast for the senses;

See the spring flowers that appear in this magical woodland location
Hear the first of the spring birds
Taste the newly provided wild food
Smell the wild garlic and woodland aromas
Touch all that nature has to provide for you

Sat April 16th, Lurganboy, Manorhamilton, Co.Leitrim

Bridge, Lurganboy Forest

Spring is such a wonderful time to connect with nature. We have put together an enchanting  two day nature extravaganza for you. The primrose (prima rosa -first flower)  has heralded spring. The Wood Anemone (wind flower) is shaking its head in the breeze and the bees and butterflies have made their first appearances of the season. We will introduce you to foraging in Leitrim and  give you cooking tips and recipes for local foraged food found by the shores of the Bonet river. 
Duration 2 hours, 1-3pm
Refreshments served
Adults €15/day €25/2 days, children free
Dogs welcome

Sun April 17th, Fowley's Falls, Rossinver

Foraging with Tina

Meander by the banks of the Glenaniff River and savour the freshness of the forest in spring. Gather wild garlic leaves and beech leaves while listening to bird song, Rob, the resident bird expert will share some fascinating facts about bird behaviour. Enjoy stunning views of the waterfalls. Foraged food tips and recipes available to participants.

Duration 2 hours 2-4pm
Adults €15/day €25/2 days, children free
Dogs welcome

To book;
087 9172143


Join our Ramble and Hill Walk for Peru Sun Oct 2nd Leitrim

Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks and The Holey Soles Hill Walking Club invite you to join us for our annual fundraising walk for Fr. Ed O'Connell's Warmi Huasi project in Lima Peru

Its that time of year again. Our annual fundraiser for Fr. Ed O'Connell's Warmi Huasi project in Peru is on  Sunday Oct 4th at the Rainbow Ballroom of Romance, Glenfarne departing at 11.15. Donations welcome on the day. No fundraising needed. Many thanks for your support in the past.

View from Thur mountain Leitrim
Thur Mountail overlooking Lough MacNean

There are two choices of walks, a 2 hour ramble or a 4.5 hr approx hill walk. Both walks leave from the Rainbow Ballroom of Romance at Please arrive in advance for registration


A two hour ramble in Glenfarne Forest with fantastic views of Lough MacNean across to Fermanagh. We will follow part of the MacNean Sculpture Trail and see some of the wonderful pieces on the route. There are paths for most of the walk

Verdant forest walk with path Leitirm
Glenfarne Forest Leitrim

Please wear strong walking shoes/boots and a waterproof jacket

Complimentary refreshments will be served after the walk in the Rainbow Ballroom


Having pooled cars at the Rainbow, walkers will then drive 3Km to Loughross (East side of Thur) and start the walk from there. The 1st stage of the walk is a moderately steep 330 metre climb across heathere bog (90% of the walk is off track) to the top of Little Thur

After exploring some of the interesting archaeological features on Little Thur reckoned to be 4,00 years old and  possibly aligned with the Cavan Burren, walkers will continue West to Cullentragh Lake and then turn directly North to the top of Big Thur (442 metres at highest point) After having lunch on Big Thur, walkers will continue Northe down the Nothern slopes of Big Thur to the start of Laughty Bar bog road. They will then follow the bog road for 1.2Km Northeast to the cars.

The total lenght of the walk is 6-7 Km approx. All walkers must have strong boots, waterproof clothing, rucksack and adequate food and liquids.


Split Megalith on Thur Mountain Leitrim
Monument on Thur Mountain

Rocks on Thur Mountain Leitrim

Information on Fr. Ed O'Connell and his projects
Fr Ed O'Connell is a Columban Father, born in somerset and educated by the Salesians in Battersea. He has been working as a missionary priest in Lima, Peru for 38 years.

Father Ed is the parish priest of Our Lady of the Missions, a parish of over 50, 000 people inthe district of Sam Martin De Porres in North Lima. Fr. Ed founded a small NGO called Warmi Huasi, (aning Women's House in the Indian language of Quechua) that works in the township of San Benito, on the  northern outskirts of Lima.

Within his parish Fr. Ed and his team have initiated pastoral programs to improve the lives of the parishioners. Each of these programs depends on charitable funds to function. Among these programs are:
  • A Women and family program promoting self esteem of women and training volunteers for educational work in becoming health promoters and in preventing domestic violence.
  • A Youth program, promoting the self esteem of the youth and training them to be catechists of the sacramental programs and a specialized team of young professionals (teachers, psychologists and engineers) who volunteer to give talks in local secondary schools trying to reduce the number of youngsters involved in gangs, or being exposed to drugs and sexually transmitted diseases
  • A parish scheme to accompany youth who are involved in the parish and are from very poor families encouraging them to go to university, using charitable funds to help them with some of their fees, books and travel costs

Saturday Sep 5th Fun Fungus Forage at Fowley's Falls 3-5.30pm

Chanterelle mushrooms Leitrim

Fowley's Falls in Full Flow

See a selection of mushrooms, edible and not, found in the North Leitrim area in the past week

Inedible Sulfur Caps

Join Leitrim Landscapes foraging queen Tina for a mushroom forage along the Glenaniff River in Rossinver.'s Fowleys Falls  Indulge your hunting skills and enjoy the extraordinary waterfalls in this limestone valley as you forage for edibles and enjoy nature. Amongst the hazel and conifer forest you will discover mushrooms such as birch bolete and orange milkcap. Spot the insect inhabitants of the forest floor including the fungus gnat who’ll be on the same mission as you!  We’ll give you a cooking tip too! 
Duration 2.5 hours approx. Cost €15, children €5, families €35 (2+2)

Unless you are knowledgeable about forest mushrooms, never assume they are edible. Always ask an expert. Some are very poisinous

Anise flavoured field mushroom

With the recent rain, the falls in Rossinver are even more impressive than usual!

Following an exciting forage, relax in the verdant picnic area

Picnic area at the end of the walk

To Book;
e mail
Phone; 086 3297401

Sunday Oct 5th Fundraising Fun walk for Peru

Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks guides will bring you on a
wonderful walk in Glenfarne Forest. This is a stunning woodland and lakeshore walk at Lough MacNean. Guides will inform you on the history and biodiversity of the area.
There is no charge but we'd like you to donate to Warmi Huasi, a women's & children's charity
that we love near Lima, Peru run by Fr. Ed O'Connell, a friend of ours

Duration 2 hours. Complimentary refreshments served afterwards

There will also be a hill walk on Thur mountain, Glenfarne.

woodland walk, eco-tourism guides
Glenfarne Forest

Walkers standing on Large rocks on Thor mountain, Leitrim
Limestone Rocks on Thor Mountain

Duration 4 hours approx and complimentary refreshments served afterwards

Local Guides Tina Pommer and Rob Wheeldon are eco-tourism trained, adopt Leave No Trace principles and have a rich knowledge of the area, its heritage, folkore, flora and fauna specializing in archaeology, foraging, bird, moth and butterfly identification. Walks, talks & workshops are conducted in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Groups welcome, group rates apply.

Walks can be tailor made for groups of 10 or more outside these dates.

Pre Booking essential
For Further information contact Nuala on

E mail:
Phone: 087 9172143

wind flower
Wood Anemone
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