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'When I admired Nuala’s cool triple recycling bins in the apartment,
which is cleverly attached onto her own wooden house, she told me,
“I have a triple composting system.
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Greentraveller Review of Leitrim Landscapes

'Often the hardest thing about a walk is getting started. Take too long
admiring the view from Tawny Lust, especially if you’ve come for a
break from a hectic city life, and you could find you lose will
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Irish Times

'Hunting for food used to be confined to the sort of person who knits their
own yoghurt, but the recent rehabilitation of foraging applauds such behaviour.
All you need to know is where to full review'

Ethical Traveller

'SLOW TRAVEL is the latest eco-buzzword. By using slower forms of
transport you can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also
make the journey a feature of your full review'

Naked Hungry Traveller 'Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks owner

Nuala McNulty covers the county from an environmental perspective.
She knows more about the hidden eco-tourism wonders of this
region better than anyone. I’ve been walking with her for two hours
while the fickle weather takes a turn for the worse. Driving rain prevents
us from climbing a nearby hill for its western views over County Sligo
to the Atlantic Ocean. Instead we follow a flooded river down a steep
valley, past a waterfall, slipping and sliding on smooth stones,
exchanging stories about curious characters we’ve met here and
elsewhere on our individual travels. read full review'

Eco Escapes

'Nuala McNulty is so passionate about her home county of Leitrim,
that she added a guest annex onto her new state-of-the-art wooden house,
overlooking the Ballinabehy Ridge in the Leitrim hills. "That's why I built it.
I love to share Leitrim", she said in Ecoescape Ireland, which featured
Tawnylust in its top 50 Irish ecoescapes. '... read full review