Tourism Stories From Leitrim

So, What's the Story in Leitrim?

Fowley's Falls, Rossinver

County Leitrim, located in Ireland's North West, is the least densely populated county in Ireland. This, together with it's pristine landscape, stunning scenery and authentic Irish experience make it an incredible location for holidaymakers. Stretching from it's Wild Atlantic Way coastline south to its Shannon Blueway it has a rich cultural, natural, musical and built heritage. There is truly something for everyone in this gem of a county.

Leitrim is Alive, Ready and Waiting for You!

Did you know that Leitrim has:

The smallest coastline and the biggest welcome in Ireland at  Tullaghan

The longest double court tomb/archaeology monument at Manorhamilton

The smallest chapel in Ireland and 2nd smallest in the world at Carrick-on-Shannon

Three very rare trout species in Lough Melvin, Rossinver

Five castles to visit in 15km radius

No traffic lights, what’s a traffic jam?

The only ‘dog kennel’ archaeological tomb in Ireland at Kiltyclogher

Our own floating Luxury Hotel

The lowest population with the friendliest people

A monster in Glenade Lake The Dobhar Cú

The original cottage, birthplace of Sean McDiarmada from the 1916 Rising at Kiltyclogher

Here are the facts and the fiction!

High Cross Tullaghan

Visit Leitrim's 5km of coastline on the Wild Atlantic Way. Short coastline but huge waves. Meet the Prowler when the conditions are right. Take a look at the high cross dating from 1778. 

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 Leitrim waterways
Lough Melvin, Rossinver

Lough Melvin has three very rare trout species, Sonaghan, Ferox and Gilaroo. Its amazing that the Gilaroo, like a chicken has a gizzard. The story is that St Brigid was travelling Ireland converting the pagans ( a few have survived) she was a very holy lady and didn't eat meat and did lots of fasting (no dieting in those days). The ruling classes were getting worried about her increasing power so they decided to trick her to make her look like a liar. She was invited to a banquet on the shores of the lake by the local landlord. There was lots of tasty soup, vegetables and other fayre on the menu but then they served her chicken. She was in a dilemma, refusing it was bad manners, eating it was against her beliefs. Having magical powers, she threw the chicken out the window towards the lake and in its place a beautiful Gilaroo trout appeared on her plate, which to this day is plentiful in the lake. You'll have to come and visit if you want to hear about the other two. 

Christian church Leitrim
Costello Chapel, Carrick-on-Shannon

COSTELLO MEMORIAL CHAPEL (1877) is the smallest chapel in Ireland and thought to be the second smallest in the world.  It is located in Carrick-on-Shannon town centre and has been called Ireland’s ‘Taj Mahal’ as it was constructed as a memorial and resting place for his wife Mary Josephine by Edward Costello, a town businessman, whose remains are also entombed at the chapel.

                                 Birthplace of Sean MacDiarmada, Kiltyclogher

1916 rising

Visit Kiltyclogher Heritage Centre and the birthplace of this famous Irish patriot. Sean MacDermott was born on February 28, 1883 near Kiltyclogher, County Leitrim. He emigrated to Glasgow at the age of fifteen years. Returning to Belfast he was sworn into the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) in 1908. He transferred to Dublin where he became a close personal friend of Tom Clarke. Together they later went on to form the military committee which would plan The Easter Rising which took place in 1916. In 1910 he became manager of the radical newspaper Irish Freedom and as the national organizer for both the IRB and Sinn Féin he travelled extensively throughout the country. By November 1913 MacDiarmada, who was one of the original members of the Irish Volunteers, continued to work to bring that organization under IRB control. In May 1915 he was arrested in Tuam, County Galway under the Defence of the Realm Act for giving a speech against enlisting into the British Army. He was released four months later. Mac Diarmada fought in the General Post Office during the 1916 Rising and was one of the seven signatories of the Irish Proclamation, the document issued by the IRB on April 24th, 1916 which proclaimed Irish independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Along with the other six signatories to this declaration, Mac Diarmada was executed in Kilmainham Jail, just three weeks later, on May 12th 1916. Seán MacDermott Street in Dublin is named in his honour, as is the railway station in Sligo. 
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Castles, Castles everywhere!
castles ireland
Parke's Castle, Leitrim

Walk, drive  cycle or paddle between castles, they are everywhere in Leitrim and the North West. In Dromahair village on the shores of Lough Gill you can catch 5. Parke's Castle, O'Rourke's Castle, Dowagh, Hamilton's Castle and Villiers. Get that regal feeling when you visit us. Hear about 'Hanging Hamilton' from Manorhamilton. Not such a nice guy. 

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Let's Float your Boat in Leitrim

Barge reflecting in water Leitrim
Lovely Leitrim Luxury Barge and pop up Tapas & Wine Bar

Our very first floating hotel, The Lovely Leitrim Barge Hotel. This is a fully serviced 21m, 26 Tonne floating piece of heaven. It is also a pop up or should that be 'bob up' tapas and wine bar and all the time you are cruising the magnificent Shannon Erne Waterways. This is tranquility at its best. Coming soon.

         Monster at Glenade Lake

Well if your wife was murdered by a giant Dobhar-Chu or Water Dog you'd want to get to the bottom of it. Visit Conwal Cemetery in the stunning Glenade glacial valley and see the grave stone where Grainne McLoughlin is buried. While washing her clothes in the lake, Grainne was attacked and killed by the monster. Her husband went looking for her as she had not returned and found her dead with the Dobhar-Chu asleep across her body. Revenging the death of his wife, he killed the animal but not before it made a dying call to its mate in Glenade Lake. The locals warned McLoughlin to flee as his life was in danger. He mounted his horse and accompanied by a friend fled for his life while being chased by the second Dobhar-Chu. As they were unable to outrun the animal, they blocked its way with their two horses and then stabbed it to death. 
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                  Double Court Tomb, Manorhamilton

Delve into our ancient past near Manorhamilton. A place rich in archaeological monuments, ring forts, hut sites and burial chambers. Tullyskeherney is a double court tomb, over 35m long. See the living sites and burial ground of our forefathers. Meander through these ancient sites imagining life thousands of years ago.

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