Winter Walking Leitrim

m sunset Lisnagroagh
 Mini snowperson
Chilling here in Leitrim

Magical walk in Leitrim In these Limbo days between Christmas and New Year, it is just lovely to get out and spend time in nature.

We are so blessed in Leitrim to have a wonderful choice of walks; from the towering hill tops to the sheltered woodland walks, the greenways and blueways to the eco parks. Our walk today took us to Milltown Forest, Lurganboy in North Leitrim.

It truly was a magical wonderland! We’d like to share some of our photos with you. This beautiful walk by the Bonet river is a place of peace and meditation and especially so today with the trees in their winter clothing. The Scarlet Elf Cap musrooms gave us a little burst of colour, as if they were shouting ‘look a us’ among the white landscape.

Make sure you visit someday!

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